What natural ways have you tried to improve insulin sensitivity?


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In a recent health news article, various ways of improving insulin sensitivity were discussed. Improving insulin sensitivity may benefit those who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or at risk of developing type-2 diabetes (pre-diabetic) by improving the body's response to insulin as it is able to better absorg sugar from the blood.

Some various mentioned methods mentionedin the article are:

Dietary Supplements: Probiotics, Omega-3, Magnesium, and Resveratrol

+ Exercise (the article went more in depth on the types of exercises most beneficial for those with diabetes type-2, with diabetes type-2 with limited mobility, and those without diabetes

+ Diet: eating more unsaturated fats and fewer carbs; intermittent fasting; and eating more soluble fiber

There are various methods for improving one's insulin sensitivity and of those methods varying ways of making use of each method. For example, the amount and type of exercise, the amount and time of dosing dietary supplements, etc.

What natural methods you have experienced with or incorporated in your life to improve your insulin sensitivity? What methods did you have success with? 

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What natural ways have you tried to improve insulin sensitivity?
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I think one of the most overlooked methods is sleep; our bodies are already "out of wack" on its ability to regulate our BG levels; thus, we can throw it more off if we fail to adequately regulate our sleep.

Further, I try to regulate it through exercise since exercise increases our bodies ability to utilize the glucose, but it is important to regulate how exercise affects you because you can be thrown in to hypo.

Finally, diet is very important! There are many things we can do when it comes to our diet to improve our body's BG sensitivity.