Carenity carries your voice


We are convinced that patients’ needs are not sufficiently taken into account by healthcare stakeholders. Therefore we decided that our mission would be to make their voice heard.

That is why we invite our members to take surveys, carried out in partnership with public and private healthcare stakeholders: to improve medical care for people affected by chronic conditions. Discover how Carenity carries the voice of patients and their caregivers.

Who are the healthcare stakeholders who listen to patients?

Healthcare authorities

Pharmaceutical companies

Scientific committee

Public healthcare policy-makers

National healthcare authorities, members of parliament, regional programmes… Our studies help policy-makers better understand the needs of people affected by chronic illnesses and introduce a more effective healthcare policy.

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Service providers for patients

Medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies… Our studies allow them to better understand patients’ needs in order to offer more reliable healthcare products and services.

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Medical experts

Our studies have allowed healthcare stakeholders, doctors, researchers to become better acquainted with patients’ experiences, in order to be able to better correspond to their needs and to take their daily difficulties into consideration.

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as well as about our positive vision of sharing health data?

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Last updated: 3/20/19