Have You Used An Injection Pen? Would You?


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Hello Carenity members,

I would to open up a topic for discussion regarding Injection Pens for control and treatment of diabetes</strong.

+ Are you an adult diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

+ Do you have experience using an injection pen in treating your diabetes?

+ If yes, what has been your results from using the injection pen? At what time of day do you use the pen?

+ If not, would you be interested in knowing more about how such a pen can possibly aid in treatment/control of your diabetes? 


Carenity is piloting a questionnaire for a new injection pen. If you are an adult diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, whether you have experience with an injection pen or not, we encourage you to participate in this preliminary survey by Clicking Here.

Your participation will help us ensure that the survey questions and instructions are clear and understandable and will assist Carenity in designing a final version of the questionnaire.

(This survey is limited to only those diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, but we encourage Caregivers to participate in this discussion.)

Thank you,

Community Manager: Carenity United States of America

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Beginning of the discussion - 8/28/18

Have You Used An Injection Pen? Would You?

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Interesting! Will take part. I do not use an insulin pen at the moment, however. But always looking to contribute!

Have You Used An Injection Pen? Would You?

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when I was dxd, I was in the hospital with a serious problem not related t diabetes.  But in the hospital, everyone gets insulin.  So when I was released, it was with an insulin prescription.  The pharmacist told me to ask for an insulin pen.  It was so much easier!  Just dial the correct dose and inject.  The needle was so small. I didn't feel it..  Now I use a weekly injectable and the needle is considerably larger.

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