The Carenity team


The Carenity team is made up of people who are passionate about their profession at the service of patients and their families. We are constantly listening to our members to improve our site and offer them adapted services. Discover below our team, organised into four departments:

The animation team

They bring Carenity to life on a daily basis, as close as possible to members, to answer their questions and provide health information and support.

The analysis team

Their mission is to listen to patients through surveys, analyse their needs and bring their voices to the healthcare system.

The development and partnerships team

To make patients' voices heard, they seek partners (laboratories, patient associations, medical device manufacturers) and are the link between Carenity and the healthcare system.

The IT team

What would Carenity be without its developers? These code experts work tirelessly to keep the platform on track.

Discover our team of many nationalities and many more personalities!

Michael Chekroun

President and Founder

I created Carenity on 2011 with one simple objective: help people to deal with their diseases. Having close to me people that have been touched by serious diseases, I know how difficult it is to find quality information and how fast someone can feel lonely and helpless. I created a social network for all those who wish to find practical answers to their health questions with other patients. I also wanted to build an innovative and ethic company, in which each one by shearing their experience can contribute to the Improvement of medical knowledge.

Jie Yang


Why Carenity?
This site has a real purpose, I feel I am useful. The team is dynamic and caring.

Your motto
The greatest benevolence is like water, the highest virtue tolerates all.

How do you recharge your batteries?
A meal of rice and vegetables, and drink plenty of water!

Thomas Verjus

Business Developer

Why Carenity
I joined Carenity in 2013 as a business development manager, convinced by the collaborative business model that allows each of our members to contribute to the progress of medicine by sharing their experience.

Your role in the process
I help our partners - pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers - to better understand patients' needs based on real life data so that they can better meet them.

Lise Radoszycki

Data Scientist

Why Carenity?
Often feeling that I was misunderstood by health actors (doctor, social security, labs, etc.) and convinced that patients' opinions could be better taken into account, I joined Carenity to bring the voice of patients to the table.

Your best memory
The launch party of version 3 of Carenity, during which a few members joined us for a drink to discover the new site in preview.

The projects that made the biggest impression on you
Our project on the evaluation of the costs to be borne by patients with multiple sclerosis or on the inequality of access to innovative treatments in cancer: I really had the impression that I was speaking for the members.


Data Scientist

Why Carenity?
Passionate about the start-up ecosystem, health and innovation, it was only natural that I joined Carenity in 2016. Its disruptive model based on taking into account the interests of patients responds to a real and universal need.

Your role in the process
Analyze the data provided by the 300,000+ chronic patients when they respond to our surveys. As a result, their expectations are better understood by the health industry, which contributes to improving their quality of life.

Emilie Pain

Data Scientist

Why Carenity?
I have always had a strong appetite for the medical field.

The project that made the biggest impression on you
The construction of PatientLive, a platform that allows our clients to quickly design short surveys and stay as close as possible to what patients really think.

Your hidden talent
The blind tests!

Damien Testa

Data Scientist

Why Carenity?
I am passionate about the health sector and was attracted by the collaborative model that Carenity offers, it was natural for me to join the team in early 2019.

What do you do to recharge your batteries?
A beautiful hike hike in the mountains!

Your motto?
"Alone we go fast, together we go far."

Alexis Bombezin-Domino

Data Scientist

Why Carenity?
With Carenity, I was offered the chance to do something that actually matters: make the voices of patients heard. And I can help with by doing something I like: setting up and following different projects, analyzing the data and synthesizing all of theses patients insights in a nice, easy-to-understand document. What's more to ask?

What is your favourite daily task?
To see the final, well-organized results of a project, after having spent time taking care of it.

What's your hidden talent?
Being REALLY good at making REALLY bad puns.

Léa Blaszczynski

In charge of the patient's experience

Your role at Carenity?
I joined Carenity in 2013, I am in charge of leading the user community. My role is to keep our members informed of the latest news on the site, to improve the platform by taking into account the needs of users and to organize events.

Your objective
Make everyone feel good through the exchanges and advice received from other members and improve the patient experience on Carenity every day.

How do you recharge your batteries?
Tea and sports!

Baptiste Eudes

Community manager Italy

Your favourite daily task
Discussig with members and reading their latest comments every morning so that they can be guided on the platform, provided with help and support. I am particularly concerned that they do not feel alone facing their conditions.

The project that made the biggest impression on you
The Ambassadors project: after several years of exchange with members of our different communities, we have selected several of them to be part of the "Team Ambassadeurs Carenity", expert and committed members who believe, as we do, in the importance of sharing. They play an important role on the site.

Your hidden talent
Humour and the ability to use it wisely in order to de-dramatise situations or bring a little comfort in the daily lives of people affected by a disease.

Louise Bollecker

Community Manager France and Content Manager

Your favorite task
Provide quality content to members to inform them about their pathology and the experiences of other patients.

The project that made the biggest impression on you?
Our ongoing investigation into the process of diagnosis. I was very surprised to find that the diagnostic wandering often lasted for years, during which time the patient was often told that the pain was in their head!

Your hidden talent
Passionate about literature and live performance, I am passionate about plays!

Josephine O'Brien

Community Manager UK

Your favorite daily task
Reading and responding to members' comments in the discussions: I create real relationships with members that I try to help as best as I can.

Your motto in life
It's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

How do you recharge your batteries?
In Ireland, when someone is sick, they are given a "hot 7Up", a heated soda (like Sprite). It's a little weird but it's very popular in Ireland!

Andrea Barcia

Community Manager Spain

Why Carenity
For the human side. To exchange with members of the Spanish community, provide them with help and information so that they can find answers for their doubts. To talk with patients and learn more about their illnesses, their stories...

Your motto
Work hard, dream big. In everyday life, health or professional life, we must always work very hard to move forward and achieve our goals.

A grandmother's recipe
It's a question that makes me laugh because, according to my grandmother, the best way to have a healthy life is to make the bed every morning, have a clean house and eat well every day. I think this answer corresponds to all Spanish grandmothers!

Lee Ruiz

Community Manager USA

Your favorite task
Engaging and communicating with our members. I do my best to make sure they know they are not alone and that they can use Carenity as a resource and haven where they can reach out for support, advice, or just a friendly discussion.

Your motto
Do not define yourself by possessions; the courage, strength, integrity, and honesty that you emanate into the world is far more valuable.

How do you recharge your batteries?
When I am mentally fatigued, I enjoy exercising when I can or watching a good movie or show. If I am physically and mentally fatigued... well, maybe a good drink with some "energy" in addition to the above.

Michael Barnes

Community Manager UK

Your role?
I'm the Community Manager and moderator for the Carenity UK Community. I occasionally produce content as well.

Why did you choose Carenity?
Because I was attracted to the idea of working for an organisation that really wants to help people and uplift them.

The project that made the biggest impression on you?
The forum in general. I find it so helpful and members are really kind to each other.

Jérémy Huet

Lead developer and Web project chief

Your role
I joined Carenity in 2014, I am in charge of the technical part of the company. I have been working passionately in the IT world for about ten years.

Your mission
I am committed to providing our members with access to a quality social network supported by an appropriate computer system.

How do you recharge your batteries?
A family weekend in Normandy, in the open air.

Last updated: 11/18/19