The Carenity team


Carenity's team is made up of people who are passionate about helping patients and their loved ones. Our members' feedback inspires us to improve our site and propose services that they find useful. Our team is organised around 4 poles: Animation, Analysis, Business Development & Partnerships, as well as our IT team.

Some team members also contribute to our Health Magazine. Experts in their field, they provide quality information and help make patient voices heard in our rubrics such as health news, advice, videos and patient interviews. Click on "Learn more" to discover their career paths, their areas of expertise and their qualifications.

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Lise Radoszycki


Lise Radoszycki holds the position of President at Carenity, where she leads a team of over 30 dedicated professionals focused on improving the lives of patients, addressing their needs, and establishing Carenity as vital research tool to generate real-world evidence.

Andrea Barcia

Community Manager Spain

Andrea Barcia is community manager for Carenity Spain. As such she communicates directly with Carenity's Spanish-speaking members and her role involves animating the Spanish platform, interacting with members on a daily basis and writing and translating articles for the Health Magazine.

Andrea has a degree in Tourism from the Universidade de A Coruña (A Coruña, Spain) and a masters in International Marketing Strategy and Communication (Instituto Europeo, Santiago de Compostela, Spain). After an experience working in the aerospace sector, Andrea has been a freelancer in the field of digital communication and web content for the past 4 years. With a strong background in well-being and tourism, she joined Carenity in 2017.

Léa Blaszczynski

Communication Manager

Lea is currently Communication Manager at Carenity. Her role is divided into three areas: BtoC communication for members and the general public (events, partnerships, etc.), BtoB communication and marketing for prospects and customers, and internal communication.

Lea is a graduate of the European Communication School (ECS, Paris, France). Before joining Carenity, she worked as a community manager and web marketing officer at Groupama and then engagement manager at Carenity.

Lizzi Bollinger

Community Manager

Lizzi Bollinger is a Community Manager for the US and UK communities at Carenity. She also writes articles for the Health Magazine. Lizzi is responsible for member engagement, she supports patients and their families on a daily basis by animating and moderating Carenity's English-speaking communities and she participates in improving the site to allow members to navigate it more easily.

Sara Bonelli

Community Manager

Sara is Community Manager Italy at Carenity. Her role consists of animating Carenity's Italian platform, exchanging daily with members and adapting the articles of the Health Magazine to the Italian platform.

Sara holds a degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master in International Business (University of Milan, Italy). She is a freelancer in the field of translation and web content and joined Carenity in 2022.

Bianca Jung

Community Manager Germany

Bianca Jung is currently Community Manager Germany at Carenity. Her role consists of running the German Carenity platform, exchanging with members on a daily basis, and translating articles from the Health Magazine to adapt them to the German platform.
Bianca graduated with a Master's degree in Political Science and French Philology (University of Trier), and obtained a master's degree in Political Science and French Philology (University of Trier) in 2018. Her background enables her to provide members with relevant content. Indeed, she has worked as an editor for a diocesan magazine, so writing articles is part of her daily life. Bianca has also been in charge of public relations for a youth organisation. Before becoming Community Manager at Carenity, she worked for Xanacom as Marketing Manager. She joined the Carenity Team in November 2020. 

Polina Kochetkova

Digital Marketing assistant

Polina Kochetkova is presently an intern in the digital marketing team. Her role is to animate and moderate the Carenity community of the US/UK markets to provide the best possible experience for the users. She is also responsible for writing and translating health articles as well as creating content for the social media platforms. She is pursuing her Bachelors in Fashion Marketing from IFA Paris university and in her spare time loves to play tennis and listen to music.

Claudia Lima

Digital Marketing Assistant

Claudia LIMA is currently an intern on the Digital Marketing team.

Her role is to animate and moderate the community so that users have the best possible experience on the platform. She is also in charge of writing articles for the Health Magazine, medical fact sheets and developing partnerships with patient organizations

Matthieu Morillon

Acquisition Manager

Matthieu Morillon is Carenity's Acquisition Manager. He works to encourage new members to join the platform. He's also in charge of organic SEO, customer acquisition publicity campaigns, and measuring and analyzing activity on the site (analytics).

Asmae Moustansir

Fieldwork Manager France

Asmae Moustansir is Fieldwork Manager France at Carenity.

She assists our data scientists in the management of online surveys, the optimization of recruitment channels and project feasibility studies.

She also collaborates with the Digital Marketing team on the acquisition of new members to expand the Carenity community.

Candice Salomé

Engagement Manager

Candice is Carenity's Engagement Manager. Her main role is to make sure that Carenity members feel comfortable on the platform and can find all the information they need, whether in the discussion groups or in the Health Magazine. She is also working on a loyalty strategy, which is not only to make members feel good on the site, but also to make social networks another way for members to find information.

Candice holds a master's degree in marketing and communication from Skema Business School and completed a degree in digital communication.

Gilda Teissier

Global Marketing Director

Gilda Teissier is our Global Marketing Director.

Her main role is to oversee and guide the marketing department. Her goals are to build and enhance our brand awareness and to make sure that our main strategy and all our B2B and B2C projects for Carenity and the EvidentIQ Group are the right ones for our members' well-being and the growth of our products in the market.

Gilda has a master's degree in International Relations from the UAM and is currently finishing her studies in Psychology. She has ten years of experience in social media, content management, and digital marketing. Before having this role at a Group level, she occupied other positions within Carenity like Engagement and Content Manager. Prior to working for Carenity, she worked for organizations such as UNHCR in Spain and ETW International in China.

Luis Gonzalez

Business Development Director

Luis is currently Business Development Director at Carenity. His role is to develop new partnerships with the Life Science industry to generate real world patient data to improve patient outcomes.

Luis is MSc in Neuroscience (King's College London), MBA by ICEX (Spain) and graduate in Biology (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain). Before joining Carenity, he worked as a key account manager at Savana, focused on real world evidence projects leveraging artificial intelligence applied to electronic medical records.

Carine Odouard

Business Development Director

Carine Odouard is Business Development Director. Her mission is to bring the patient's voice to the private sector worldwide by facilitating real-life studies.

Hela Ammar

Data Scientist

Pharmacist, Hela is a data scientist at Carenity. Using her scientific and medical knowledge, she supports various project managers to carry out real-life studies conducted with members of the community. 

A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Monastir in Tunisia, Hela holds a PharmD. After an internship as a market analyst at the Ministry of Public Health in Tunisia and an internship as an assistant diabetology product manager, she decided to complete a specialized master's degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management at ESCP Business School. 

Hela joined Carenity in May 2022 as a data scientist after completing her end-of-study internship at Novartis as a junior product manager working with solutions for severe asthma. 

Through her various experiences in hospitals and pharmacies, Hela has had the opportunity to work closely with patients and has developed a deep knowledge of chronic diseases. 

Abla Benamira

Data Scientist Intern

Abla is currently a Data Scientist intern at Carenity. As a pharmacy graduate, she discovered pharmaco-economics during her studies and became fascinated by public health issues. Abla decided to specialize by doing a master in health economics. Today, she participates in various projects by contributing her data analysis skills paired with medical knowledge.

Leila El Mellah

Data Science Project Manager

Leila is a Data Scientist & Project Manager at Carenity. She conducts real-life studies with community members and supports the various Data Science project teams.

Leila holds a double master's degree in Public Health Intervention Methodology and Biomedical Research Methodology and Statics. Passionate about conducting health research, she has worked in clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry managing various studies with diverse patients for 5 years. Leila joined Carenity in 2023 as a senior data scientist project manager.

Julien Hachem

Fieldwork manager

Julien is a fieldwork manager at Carenity. His main missions are to support the Data Scientists team on the management of online surveys, to optimize recruitment channels and to study the feasibility of projects. He also collaborates with the Digital Marketing team on the acquisition of new members in order to grow the Carenity community.

Kenza Hamzi

Junior Data Scientist

Since September 2022, Kenza Hamzi has held the position of Junior Data Scientist at Carenity, where she plays an active role in all stages of projects thanks to her IT and statistical skills.

She graduated from ESILV, an engineering school, and went on to specialize in healthcare, obtaining a Master's degree in Public Health with a focus on health data science at the University of Paris and the Sorbonne.

Julie Laurent

Data Scientist

Julie is currently a Data Scientist at Carenity. Her role consists of conducting real-life patient studies, from the drafting of survey questionnaires to the contribution to the writing and publication of scientific articles.

Julie Laurent is a graduate of INSA (the National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Toulouse, France, and is an engineer in Mathematics and Statistical Modelling. After several years of experience as a biostatistician at the Toulouse University Hospital, and then as a manager of statistical studies for public and private clients, she decided to join Carenity.

Cynthia Lesbros

Data Science Project Manager

Cynthia is currently a data scientist and senior project manager at Carenity.

Doctorate. in Life Sciences, with a specialty in embryology and molecular biology, she worked for 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry and contributed to the development and marketing of vaccines by demonstrating their clinical performance, followed by 3 years in clinical research by coordinating early phase clinical trials.

She joined Carenity to apply her experience in clinical and medical research in conducting real-life studies and thus enhance the patient experience to improve the care pathway and health products.

Emilie Pain

Data Scientist

Emilie Pain is a Data Scientist and Carenity's Data Protection Officer (DPO). She conducts real-life patient studies and participates in scientific article writing and publication. She is also manages the PatientLive platform.

Noura Sellami

Confirmed Data Scientist

Noura is a Data Scientist at Carenity since September 2022.

She graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in neuroscience and holds a master's degree in pharmaceutical and biotechnology management from ESCP Europe. She worked for three years in the pharmaceutical industry. Interested in data-related subjects, she joined a master's degree in public health specializing in health data, which gave her the opportunity to do her end-of-study internship at Carenity.

Laury Sellem

Data Science Project Manager

Laury is a Data Scientist & Project Manager at Carenity. She conducts real-life studies with members of the community and supports the various Data Science project teams. 

Laury holds an agricultural-engineering degree from the Institut Agro Rennes (formerly Agrocampus Ouest), a master's degree in Nutrition and Human Health from AgroParisTech, as well as a doctorate in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Reading (UK). Passionate about conducting health research, she worked in university research laboratories for 5 years before joining Carenity in 2022. Specifically, Laury worked with volunteers for various intervention studies and specializes in “in real life” data analysis collected via online epidemiological surveys. 

Marie-Gabrielle Evanno

Product Manager

Marie-Gabrielle is Product Manager within the Carenity team. Her knowledge of communities enables her to develop Carenity's applicative products (forum, health magazine, survey space) in line with user needs, i.e. those of Carenity's members.

She draws from the member community, as well as their experiences and their difficulties, to build a forum-magazine-survey space that meets their needs and expectations.

Jérémy Huet

Lead developer and Web project chief

Jeremy Huet is Carenity's Lead Developer. He ensures that all of the human and technological elements necessary are present to keep the web platform evolving and functioning optimally. He oversees different computing development projects in coordination with the developers and makes sure the computing infrastructure is operational.

Jiangning Lin


Jiangning Lin is a junior Web Developer at Carenity. She facilitates the evolution of the website and makes sure everything is functioning properly. She also makes suggestions for improvements to Carenity's mobile platform.

Jie Yang-Mouzac

Senior Web Developer

Jie Yang-Mouzac is currently a senior web developer at Carenity. Her mission is to maintain and develop the tools used to run the website, other web tools and the back office. This requires a good sense of analysis and that she be a driving force in making proposals on software architectures and servers and finally that she provides an operational support role.