Code of conduct and privacy policy


1. Transparency and acceptance of the terms of

On each Member commit themselves first and foremost to respect the specific and transparent obligations(read our terms of use). On each Member has been informed and has consented expressly and specifically to the collection, handling and keeping of their personal data and in particular their health data (read the paragraph on the protection of your data). On the members are systematically informed about their rights, their obligations and the stakes of protecting their personal data in everyone's interest (Read the different notes in the legal notice). The information and services offered by does not in any way constitute medical advice nor does it replace medical consultations by competent health care professionals.

2. Confidentiality on

On, all members are encouraged to remain anonymous to other members:

  • Only ELSE CARE is responsible under the Data Protection Act 2018 (registration number ZA048012) for processing personal data and Amazon Web services Inc. is responsible for data storage, have access to Members’ personal data collected if strictly necessary in the interests of their mission.
  • Each Member of is identified by a username, unless they choose to be entirely or partly identified (first name, last name, photo…).
  • None of the services or sections of demands identification of the Member by anything other than their email address and/or username, the Member can benefit from all services without having to disclose their identity.
  • ELSE CARE uses a data aggregation (data collection) process prior to delivering any study to their clients and/or partners, thus guaranteeing the anonymity of the data provided by the Members, unless a Member is specifically informed that their personal data may be transmitted in a non-aggregated form (all your data separated from those of others), and they have given their express consent.

3. The protection of your personal data on

Before signing up on you have been informed about your rights concerning your personal data (notice of consent). ELSE CARE is responsible for processing personal data within the essence of the Data Protection Act 1998, collected through the services used by Members of Processing is undertaken to allow you to benefit from the services that interest you and to which you wish to subscribe. Carenity informs you of the purpose of the collection and processing of your personal data, in full transparency and in accordance with its legal obligations:

  • To facilitate the sharing of information and content related to human ailments and related products and services for the interest of Members and Users,
  • To enable Members of  affected by the same ailment to connect to one-another,
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and content between Members of via private e-mail, the communal spaces and interactive discussions (e.g. newsfeed, discussion forums, private messaging),
  • To facilitate the monitoring of the health of Members or their loved ones (subject to that person’s express and specific consent),
  • To facilitate opportunities to participate in research and studies on the basis of voluntary, active and specific consent, after being informed of the purpose of this survey/study, and / or making contact with bodies responsible for conducting such studies and / or research,
  • Using fully anonymized data to prevent identification, to facilitate the execution of research and / or studies (including semantics, scientific, medical, medico-economic or quality of life) by ELSE CARE for itself or on behalf of its contractual partners, unless you were specifically informed that your personal data may be transmitted in a non-aggregated form (all your data separated from those of others) and have given your express consent,
  • On the basis of the Member’s voluntary, active and specific consent, to enable institutional or promotional information to be sent to Members via their private messaging service.

The disclosure of your personal data, including your health data, is limited to ELSE CARE and those members of whom you expressly permit to receive such data. ELSE CARE ensures that your personal data and in particular your personal health data will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party. Users and Members of, have, under Part II of the Data Protection Act 1998, a right of access to personal data concerning them, and to its rectification, opposition and deletion. To exercise your rights, you may, if you are logged into your Carenity account, send a private message to your Community manager by clicking here. You may also contact Carenity Data Protection Officer for any questions regarding your personal data, at the following e-mail address: By registering with, Members consent to the collection, treatment and storage of his/her personal data and in particular to personal health data.

The processing of your personal data may involve cross-border data exchanges within employees of the company in the US.
Where applicable and as the US does not benefit from an adequacy decision under Article 45 of the GDPR, we use various measures to ensure that your personal data transferred to the US is adequately protected, such as signing the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission.

4. Respect for everyone in the interest of all on

Everyone is equal before disease and each patient shall have equal rights and obligations. On each member is committed to the unconditional respect for other members, especially in case of participation in interactive services and usage of private messages. Each member is informed of all legal requirements applicable to and in particular to comply with the following provisions in connection with any participation in an exchange and interactive space or private messages:

  • To respect privacy, personality and image rights;
  • To protect the interest of minors;
  • To respect medical confidentiality;
  • Not to do anything defamatory, abusive, insulting, demeaning, threatening, racist, bigoted, xenophobia or violent, not to harass any person, advocate crimes against humanity, do anything to provoke racial hatred, violence, child abuse, pedophilia, and/or post any child pornographic content, and/or be disrespectful of the dignity and sensitivity of other Members, and;
  • To prohibit all pornographic content;
  • To protect all copyrights and proprietary rights;
  • For minors (from 13 years of age, subject to the consent of the person responsible for parental authority before 16 years), the right to delete your data at any time.

Members bear full responsibility for all private messages and contributions to exchange and interactive spaces that are written, issued, exchanged or disseminated using their name and password. complies strictly with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, and as such:

  • preserves data for the identification of Members throughout the statutory period, and may communicate on legal requisitions,
  • ELSE CARE does not moderate or otherwise edit Members’ contributions to exchange and interactive spaces prior to posting on Contributions can only be moderated by after posting,
  • Is not required to monitor inputs on exchange and interactive spaces,
  • At the request of any member using appropriate legal forms, shall remove promptly without notice any illegal content and especially those that breach the provisions listed above or which infringe the rights of third parties. Private messages sent and received from are private correspondence and are deemed to constitute confidential information. Members may not disseminate such correspondence, or disclose confidential information comprised in such correspondence in the exchange and interactive spaces or to unauthorized third parties or the public without the express written permission of the authors of such correspondence. is a neutral and independent space: Each member is prohibited from using for directly or indirectly sending messages and/or content of advertising/promotional type concerning any product or service, organization, company, healthcare professional or the likes. Carenity reserves the right to temporarily or definitively exclude a member for non-compliance with this charter and/or the terms of use.

In addition, the Members of Carenity are committed to:

  • Providing sources (references, links, etc.) on medical data other than personal experience,
  • Only publishing medical information which they deem true in light of their knowledge.

5. Security policy on implements effective security measures adapted to the protection of data and services offered via To this end, has called upon the services of specialised service providers:

  • Amazon Web Services Inc. and its subsidiaries as host: a significant investment has been made to implement very high security measures and levels intended to guarantee appropriate and continuous protection of personal health data,
  • Companies and consultants specialized in the security audits of internet pages: network security, operating system security, security operations, etc.

The overall security policy of is based on measures of logical and physical security, regularly reviewed and updated. Notably used is:
-  A security procedure managing passwords and logins of the members,
 -  Connection to the member space is based on the secure Internet protocole HTTPS (SSL access).

Last updated: 2/28/23