How does your autism affect you or your loved one?


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Hello everyone,

How are you today? 

As you know, autism varies from person to person, but most commonly causes social communication challenges, sensory issues or restricted and repetitive behaviors. 

Let's share together! How does autism affect you or your loved one? What types of symptoms do you or they show? How do you cope with them? 

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How does your autism affect you or your loved one?

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@Courtney_J For me I have a hard time interpreting and navigating social situations, I'm not good a social cues. I tend to miss jokes or speak at the wrong time, or misinterpret other people's emotions I also get overwhelmed in places that are crowded or loud or just over busy. And sometimes at work I tend to lose site of the big picture and focus too much on the small details of a project I'm working on. Since I was diagnosed I've been working with a therapist to help me strategize on how to cope when i'm overwhelmed and such and it's been very helpful.

How does your autism affect you or your loved one?

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I can’t see a face and know if someone is happy or sad. Which is bad because people assume I can, and they get angry when I don’t notice how they feel.

People often assume that my stimulative behaviors mean I am not as intellectually developed as them, which is wrong. Usually I rock, hum, or hand flap. Hand-flapping feels good. Sometimes I flap when I’m excited, but sometimes because I’m nervous. It’s different for each feeling. Excited flaps let off energy. I have so much inside me I have to let it out. But if I’m nervous, it draws in energy. In my head it feels as if I’m making a wall. The happy-flapping takes down the wall, giving my energy to other people. However, people don’t like when I do that and they may stop talking to me which is rude.

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