Do you still snore with your CPAP machine on?

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Hi everyone, 

I have had sleep apnea for years and my snoring stopped for years with my CPAP machine. However, recently, my wife has said that I am snoring even with my machine on and I have noticed that I am waking up more often like I used to and do when I do not use my CPAP machine.

It is not as severe, but just wondering if anyone else had experienced this.

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Do you still snore with your CPAP machine on?

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Hi @CAkid78‍ I experienced this when I attempted to switch from the face mask to the nasal mask so that I could have less of an intrusive piece of equipment on my face. Well... yes I did accomplish that through using the nasal mask, but I began to snore and wake up much more in my sleep. The doctor's opinion was that it was because I am a mouth breather. Once I returned to the face mask, those issues were resolved.

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