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Struggling still with air in cheeks during night. Can't fall asleep, when I do, wake up with air in cheeks. Have tried everything over 5 years time. I'd like to know what others use. I can only use a nasal pillow mask, use a sleep mouth strip tape and ace bandages around face. Very uncomfortable. Unable to use any other type mask due to leakage. 

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Air in cheeks from CPAP

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@pkn77msn Hi pkn77msn, thank you for opening this discussion and sharing your problem with us. Let me tag some other members who may be able to share their tips or advice.

Hi everyone, how are you doing? emoticon cute
Have you ever had problem with your cheeks puffing out from your CPAP mask and keeping you awake? If so, how did you handle it? Do you have any tips or advice to share?

Feel free to share here!

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Air in cheeks from CPAP

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@pkn77msn I'm sorry about the air in your cheeks.  That happened to me, as well, when I tried the pillow.  Even though I wanted to use a pillow because if it less obtrusive, I couldn't stand the damn thing!  There must be some sort of face mask out there that wouldn't leak for you.  You need a consultant who would be willing to help you find one.  You don't deserve what's happening to you.  

Air in cheeks from CPAP

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I have not had that problem. I do find that I need to wait to fasten the magnets on the facemask until after I turn it on  because it “inflates” a bit and does not need to be quite as fight. This was pointed out to me by a technician. 

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