Sleep apnea: Is it hereditary?

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Does anyone else in your family have sleep apnea? I feel like my whole family is a family of snorers...

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Sleep apnea: Is it hereditary?

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Hello @JohnSS‍, thank you for opening this discussion. That's interesting, research has suggested that sleep apnea is about 40% attributable to genetics!, while the remaining 60% is attributed to environmental or lifestyle causes.

What does everyone else think? Are there other people in your family that have sleep apnea? Do you think your sleep apnea is caused more by genetics or by environmental or lifestyle factors?

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Sleep apnea: Is it hereditary?

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Yes. I believe so. I know Mom used one . I have sleep apnea. So I use a CPAP. My brother went for a sleep study, haven't heard how that went. It has to be genetic is my guess

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