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Hi everyone,

So... when I do not use my CPA machine, my snoring is so loud that my wife does not want to sleep in the bed with me... The sleep apnea machine stops the snoring, which is great, but it is hard to be romantic once it is on.

So, if I lay in bed, I want to put the machine on in case I fall asleep so my wife will at least sleep in the bed with me... however, if the mood strikes I cant just lean over and start kissing her or her vice-versa.... it is kind of frustrating...

Does anyone else experience it? Has it affected your romantic relationship?

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Has sleep apnea affected your romantic relationship?
Member Carenity
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I defeinitly know where you are coming from. It is not a chick magnet thats for sure... I do not know how my wife can find it appealing... she probably doesn't. I have started to snore again she said, even with my CPAP machine on, which is causing her to have difficulty sleeping. She said it is not as loud as it is when I do not wear the machine, but still it is irritating her. I googled it and it seems for most people with sleep apnea, the CPAP machine ends the snoring; however, for a small percentage snoring may still exist. Glad to know I am that small percentage.