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Feeling anxietu, I don't want to loose my wife, she is all I have, no family support. I feel she does not understand, because she is a disabled vetrvet with Depression, anxiety and recent diagnosed with PTSD, exited during Desert Storm with head trauma herself. Her name is Surisa DeVaughn, ate 51.9,

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Welcome to Carenity. I have moved your post from the "Good To Know" forum to "Living with Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental Disorders". Here is a more appropriate forum for your discussion. I would also recommend you add "Anxiety" to your profile... which will give you access to the group and forums dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

You can add the condition by clicking here: https://member.carenity.us/conditions and then clicking Add A Condition and type in the first three letters of Anxiety and select then from the drop down menu. (Feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns).


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@Phillip64!‍ how are you doing? You feel your wife does not understand your feeling of anxiety and depression?

Is you wife currently seeking treatment for her own depression and anxiety? She is lucky to have your support. Look forward to hearing back from you and stay strong @Phillip64!‍ 

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