Uncontrollable shivering - Have you ever had this with your COPD?


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I'd like to know if anyone has episodes of uncontrollable shivering. I get them randomly and for no apparent reason that I can pinpoint. Picture standing outside in freezing weather and shivering from the cold. Sometimes it's just my hands or could be my whole body. I take Advair and Spiriva but have been on them for years and none of my meds have changed. I plan on talking to my doctor, but wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

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Uncontrollable shivering - Have you ever had this with your COPD?

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@lightening1952 Hello lightening1952, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm glad to hear that you'll be talking to your doctor, in the meantime, let me tag a few members who may be able to share their thoughts and experiences with you. emoticon cute

Hi everyone, how have you been? Have you every experienced experiences of uncontrollable shivering like @lightening1952‍ describes? Do you think it's linked to COPD? How did you handle it?

Feel free to share any advice or experiences you may have here!

Take care,

Uncontrollable shivering - Have you ever had this with your COPD?

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I have something diagnosed as Essential Tremors in 2013, where my limbs would tremble for no apparent reason. The doctor told me it is harmless and many people get these tremors due to different causes: 1. Low Blood Sugar; 2. Not eating or drinking anything since your last meal (a major cause of low blood sugar); 3. Traumatic experiences  past or present; 4. Lack of movement or regular exercise; 5. Reaction to medication. I carry those glucose chewable candy tablets with me when this happens. I noticed them after I had a T.I.A. at work in 2013. I get them when I am extremely exhausted or have insomnia and sleep 1-2 hours per night. When I took Advair, I'd get them all the time and my anxiety went through the roof! My Pulmonologist took me off it and gave me Albuterol Sulfate and Ventolin instead -- no tremors or major anxiety caused by the switch. My tremors are mainly now from this pandemic lockdown, not being able to go and socialize with family and friends unless it is via social media or mobile phone, go out shopping, taking a drive somewhere and stopping at a new café, restaurant, diner for a relaxing meal, etc. Since March 17, when we became aware of COVID-19 locally, I put a total of 500 miles on my car and I usually do 4-5,000 in a matter of a year! I only go out now to pick up my meds at the local drive-thru pharmacy window, or ATM machine. Nothing for fun. If I don't move around during the day, then the tremors/shivering starts! It may be 90ºF outside but I'm wrapped in an afghan blanket sitting in my recliner!  COPD is not fun by any means. I constantly monitor my oxygen levels with an oximeter and a breath strength tester. If my level drops below 85, then the shivering starts; not much you can do but wait it out! I tried meditation, but that made me more anxious and it was boring as Hell!  What relaxes me and reduces those tremors is playing The Sims game on my laptop. There, I can create the perfect person living in a perfect world, and that takes my mind of my stress and COPD. In the meantime, keep wearing that mask , social distance, and wash those hands! . Like a billboard I saw locally stated: "MASK IT OR CASKET!", it was an ad for a local funeral home! 

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