Living with COPD

One of the consequences of COPD is a significant change in the quality of life. To improve quality of life, it is vital to avoid smoking. Regular physical exercise is also important.


The first preventative step, after stopping smoking, is to treat these symptoms, which are anything but benign.

Smoking cessation can be difficult. Smoking is an illness in its own, and fighting addiction and behavioral dependence is not easy. Without question, the most important remedy is to not start smoking in the first place. Therefore, the example of adults (parents, teachers, educators, etc.) is essential so that young people do not begin smoking.

One of the consequences of COPD is its significant impact on one’s quality of life, including depression, difficulty walking, shortness of breath, repeated hospitalization, etc.

Living with COPD

COPD's impact on the patient’s social and professional life depends on how advanced the illness is.

In cases where the illness is not serious, the impact is limited. The consequences become marked once there is a significant increase in shortness of breath and when absences from work are frequent due to complications of the disease (e.g., chronic respiratory assistance).

In the case of respiratory insufficiency requiring a permanent connection to an oxygen bottle, consequences to the patient’s social and personal life are inevitable. The patient may begin to feel marginalized or sidelined, leading to depression.

Article drafted under the supervision of Professor Gérard Huchon, Head of Pneumology at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital in Paris and Chairman of the Comité National de Lutte contre les Maladies Respiratoires.

Last updated: 12/20/18

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Who reviewed it: Gérard Huchon, Pulmonologist

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