Enjoying the outdoors with COPD


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Hi, I'm Lisa. I live in in Florida where the humidity is present almost all year round. I have to stay indoors most of the time and I have a nice  back yard I can't enjoy most days. I can't take the  cold either.  Kinda wondering if any one on here are dealing with the same issues and how are you dealing with them? I can't use a pool due to other issues so that's no option for me sadly.  

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Enjoying the outdoors with COPD

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@Dazzle64 Hello Dazzle64, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you aren't able to enjoy the outdoors, I can't imagine how frustrating that must be in such a beautiful place like Florida! ☀️🌴 Let me tag some other members who can possible share with you!

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Do any of you also find that outdoor weather - be it the cold, the heat, the humidity, or even the dryness - affects your COPD? If so, how do you manage this? Have you found any way to enjoy the great outdoors or other outdoor activities you love?

Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Enjoying the outdoors with COPD

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I was diagnosed with COPD about 2 yrs ago. I used to love being outside gardening, walking my dog, and going to outdoor concerts. This has almost came to a complete stop. No more gardening or concerts. I live in Kentucky where it's hot n humid in the summer but our winters don't get as bad as they once did. Humidity almost feels like it's killing me. No more windows open during Spring or Fall. Fall months aren't as humid but still too hot for my breathing. Just walking short distances with my dog is a chore bc breathing is next to impossible.  

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