Mother has COPD and she will not stop smoking

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Good evening. I am here because my mother has been suffering from COPD for a good year and she does not stop smoking ... I have the impression that she does not realize that it is harming her health. 

Am I crazy? She needs to stop smoking correct? She is losing her ability to breathe every time she takes a puff right? 

How do this disease work exactly? I would love some information from those who have used to smoke and now have quit because of their diagnosis in hopes I can show her some of the conversations / testimonials here.

Any help!? 

Thank you.

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Mother has COPD and she will not stop smoking

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As a former smoker of 50 years and suffered with a bad bout of bronchitis and pneumonia this year I can only offer you the opinion that until you mother is ready, nothing and no one can change her mind about smoking. I swore that I would go to my grave with a cigarette in my mouth, but being very ill for months this year and unable to catch my breath most days finally turned me around. I was feeling really bad one night and up most of the night because I just couldn't catch my breath. The next day I slept most of the day and did not smoke one cigarette. The next day I got up and realizing I hadn't smoked the day before at all, I was not going to smoke that day either until I could get in to see my doctor. That was almost a year ago with one day at a time not having a cigarette. But in hind sight I was ready to quit as I knew I had to in order to have any quality of life in the future. I realize this doesn't necessarily help you with your mother, but my advice from my own experience is no amount of nagging, suggestions, etc. will make her quit until she wants to quit. You can offer her some reading information on what happens if she keeps smoking like being on oxygen the rest of her life or even needing surgery, or how your body remarkably starts a healing process the minute you quit. I now see a pulmonary specialist doctor that you might suggest she sees that prescribe some tests like a pulmonary function test or a ct scan of the lungs to see exactly where she is at. Good luck...

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