Diet to help COPD? Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs/spices

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I have began to try and help my COPD with my diet. I am incorporating anti-inflammatory foods, inulin, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as anti-inflammatory herbs and spices.

Has anyone tried this path?

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Diet to help COPD? Anti-inflammatory foods and herbs/spices

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Hi @NYnNJ1‍ I changed my dietary habits after being diagnosed. I have only been diagnosed for almost a year, so it is kind of hard at this time to tell you how much it helps as far as controlling or halting COPD; however, I can tell you I feel better about myself and have more energy (still do not have tons of energy), but more than I used to.

I have increased my diet to include fish and walnuts and flax seed - all high in omega 3s. I also supplement with omega 3s and vitamins a, c, and e. I try to eat a lot of vitamin dense fruits and vegetables: bell peppers. strawberries, oranges, and kale for vitamin c and carrots, sweet potato, and spinach for vitamin A (also fish and tuna), and almonds, avocados, spinach, and more fish for vitamin e.

I also make sure to eat in a calorie deficient diet because I am still trying to lose weight. I limit simple and processed carbs, and focus on eating good complex grains and good healthy sources of protein (fish and chicken)

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