COPD and Social Life: Discuss how COPD affects it

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Does COPD affect your social life? How so? How do you manage it?

I look forward to your testimony and discussion.

Beginning of the discussion - 11/29/18

COPD and Social Life: Discuss how COPD affects it

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COPD used to have a large affect on my social life, but I have thankfully gotten things under better control by changing my lifestyle over the past few years. In the beggining it affected my social life because I was constantly out of breath, fatigued, and coughing or feeling like coughing constantly. 

However, now I am able to attend more social events than the years prior and feel less faitgued, so I can actually enjoy myself. I still can't over do anything, but I am much more mobile and energized.

I try to exercise everyday... yes 7 days a week. My exercise is light to moderate, but every bit helps. It helps me feel less fatigued and helps me gain back the strength in my lungs. I continue to do pulmonary exercises I learned from PT also.

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