What should you bring to surgery?


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What are some things that people have found to be helpful to bring when you are schedule to undergo breast surgery: be it lumpectomy, mastectomy, etc.

I am curious to what would be helpful for me to bring in such a situation. I do not have surgery scheduled at this time, but trying to get a jump on it and I thought this would also be a good helpful post for others.

Please share your tips and comment on what you feel or found to be most helpful for you.

thank you in advance.

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What should you bring to surgery?

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I would be certain to bring clothes that are baggy - easy to change in and out of. I would also bring a contact case - if you have them - or wear your glasses. Make sure if you are staying over, to bring the neccessities, such as toothbrush and paste. I also recommend bringing a good audio book because there are sometimes where you do not want to even see light so closing your eyes and just listening to a book is nice.

Hope this helps.

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