Awaiting chemotherapy... share your experience, anxiety, and discuss with others

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One of the  things many diagnosed with breast cancer have in common is that at some time they will go through chemotherapy. With the doctor's order of chemotherapy or the thought of chemotherapy after being diagnosed brings about many feelings regarding chemo: anxiety, fear, hope, etc. These feelings may continue throughout treatments.

If you are currently waiting for your first chemotherapy treatment or have gone through chemotherapy, share with others the experience, the emotions felt, coping strategies, and more!

Beginning of the discussion - 6/28/19

Awaiting chemotherapy... share your experience, anxiety, and discuss with others
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I am experienced much anxiety when I received my diagnosis contemplating the thought of chemotherapy. It was really the only treatment I had knowledge about at the time (you hear about it often in casual day to day conversations). I did start with chemotherapy and all the fear ran through my mind... al my good cells will be killed, etc... but I did more research and was able to come to grips as best as I could. I had 4 cycles of two different chemotherapy drugs.

Currently, I am set to have is surgery / lymph node clearance. I will also be following up with radiation, from what I understand.

If I can recommend to anyone who is recently diagnosed or pending a possible diagnosis, maintain calm and do your research before going into see the doctor again (or before the phone call), so you are prepared to as the doctor all the questions you may have regarding your stage and treatment.