Hormone Therapy - Side Effects of Tamoxifen


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Hello, I do not think that medical professional are understanding me. Hoping someone can lend a hand.

I started taking tamoxifen following breast cancer in February 2017. I experienced fatigue and weight gain, but now I am experiencing intense vaginal itching with inflammation

Its on the outer vaginal wall and it is unbearable.  It starts always like a couple hours of taking my tamoxifen.

I am going to make a new appoint with my gynecologist; hopefully some help.

Have any of you experienced this issue? 

The oncologist told me that eventually we could change the treatment, but not yet.

Thank you for reading.

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Hormone Therapy - Side Effects of Tamoxifen

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You may have to lessen the dosage . See a gyno in the meantime to see what is available, to combat the itching and inflammation. I am have not taken  tamoxifin , but I know my doctor insist on having all chemo patients drink tons of water , it does help flush the medicine and get it out of your body faster so less side effects. I did suffer fatigue while going through chemo and neuropathy  which is worse now than when I was doing chemo. I was on Taxol.I feel like the side effects were not horrific as I thought it would be.I hope you can find some relief , there must be something to help.But do make sure you are drinking enough water to flush the meds and keep your kidneys happy. I am on a hormone blocker now when I don't remember to drink water the side effects start.  I will pray for you and if I hear any more info I will pass it on. Good luck!If any time you just need an ear I'm here for you, Denise

Hormone Therapy - Side Effects of Tamoxifen

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P.S. Don't allow your doctor to make you feel rushed if you have questions , and make sure you are clearly stating your issues and not being polite about it. You need to be a strong advocate for yourself. I used to be kind of timid about talking to my doctor about side effects ,or pain because I didn't want to be a complainer.  Now I make sure my doctor understands how severe my pain or discomfort is.  Some times we forget they are working for us. , Denise

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