Sterotactic biopsy: I'm worried, can you share any advice?

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Hi, I've just joined this group on the site so I hope it's ok that I post.

I'm 46 years old and in my family we have a bit of a family history with breast cancer (my mom, my grandmothers on both sides...). My mother had several recurrences and unfortunately passed from breast cancer. My gynecologist checks me very regularly and has never found anything to worry about..

At my last visit she told me that "since you're at risk with your family history, we'll do a little mammogram to see if everything is ok". So I go to the appointment not too worried, but once the mammogram is done, the radiologist says to me "you have very dense breasts, I'd like to do an ultrasound to be sure". So a few days later I do the ultrasound and he lingers a little while on a particular spot and then tells me "you have a breast calcification here, I don't like the way this spot looks very much, but don't worry, there is nothing serious. But I would still like to do a biopsy to check if everything is ok".

So I'm doing the biopsy next week but I must admit that with my family history I'm started to get stressed...
Do you know how long it will take to get the results? Do you know with a stereotactic biopsy whether it is cancerous or not right away? Can you get cancer without feeling lumps in your breast?

I'm sorry to put all my worries on the table like this... And I'm sorry this is so long... Thank you in advance for your feedback

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Sterotactic biopsy: I'm worried, can you share any advice?

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@asth89 Hi asth89, thank you for opening this discussion. Waiting for tests and their results can certainly be stressful. Let me tag some other members who can maybe share their experiences with you!

Hello everyone, how are you today? emoticon cute 
Can any of you share your experiences with getting a biopsy (stereotactic, FNA, core needle, or other)? How long did it take to get the results? Was the test able to tell you right away if you had breast cancer? Is it possible to have cancer without feeling lumps in your breast?

Feel free to share here, we're all here to support one another!

Take care,

Sterotactic biopsy: I'm worried, can you share any advice?

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@asth89 Hi asth89, welcome to the group! I was diagnosed back in 2017 so it's been a bit since my biopsy, but I don't think much has changed in that time. I know the waiting is terrifying, but the procedure goes pretty quickly and they numb you so you should feel much! If I remember right I got my results within a week or two of the test. And yes, they tell you from those results if it's cancer or not. I know it's scary, but you will get through it! 

Sterotactic biopsy: I'm worried, can you share any advice?

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Hi I just saw this post and see that its pretty old. I hope everything went ok . If you still have any questions with other procedures I went thru a lot . Ill check back to see how you are doing . -Denise PS good luck 

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