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The words can not speak 

the lips will not move, 

the voice doesn’t make a peep.

The eyes quiver 

as the teeth chatter.

The body trembles 

as the heart beats faster.

It strikes like lightning 

leaving the body frozen 

into a death like state. 

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@Tiffany‍, thank you for your poem. It is amazing and very telling. You have a great talent and I hope writing poems fills you with some relief.

I have created a discussion dedicated to sharing poems, paintings, photographs, drawings, music, short stories, etc. that one creates to help with depression and/or anxiety. You can find the discussion pinned under "Living With Depression." You can Click Here to be taken directly to that discussion group. I encourage you to respond and post your poem in that discussion also. That discussion is dedicated to exactly this so that all members may post in one place and search through and read/view other members poems, photographs, short stories, etc.

Please let me know if you need any assistance.


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Thank you. I enjoy writing poems but was always afraid to share them out in public. So I posted two of them. Thank you for your support. 


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I enjoyed reading your poem and think many others do as well and can find solace in them. Thank you for sharing with us.


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D-epression, I will beat you

E-xpel my inner demons

P-eace within myself

R-ealize my self-worth

E-mbrace love and happiness

S-trive for a happier me

S-top hating myself

I-dentify my hopes and dreams

O-pen myself up to all things positive

N-ever give up

Sort of a battle cry and reminder for fighting depression


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I see them smirking as I stroll
Thinking to myself how long does this last?
Feeling like I can't escape
Your words run deep slicing at my core
Maybe if I just ignore
If I look away
if I sleep into another day
Maybe if I step into the dark abyss
They'll just get bored
leave me at ease
taste of your bitter cigarette
swirls away at my feet
It engulfs me & drags me into a state of defeat
Wishing it would burst into great flames and exposed me
Like I'm not alone
I can't remember
I don't know
how much time has passed?
Im sure by now this can't last
Angry teeth shattering through beneath
Blankets pulled all the way up
Come a little and slide in between
A bag of bones articulately placed
I can smell your intentions
It smells like you and me

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