What were the initial signs / symptoms of ASD experienced?


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There are numerous signs and symptoms one may experience with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), more than for many conditions, hence the term spectrum. Some common signs and symptoms often experienced are: avoiding eye contact, desire to be alone, delayed speech, repetitive phrases, easily becoming upset/frustrated, having a very high interest in certain areas, organizing objects in particular manners, extreme anxiety, and hyperactivity.

How about you?

What were your early signs and symptoms experienced with autism spectrum disorder?If you are a loved one or family member of someone diagnosed with ASD, what were their early signs and symptoms?

Also, since diagnosis is often made in early childhood, if you are an diagnosed with ASD you may not know from memory but your family may have told you about early signs and symptoms - so feel free to post about that also. 

Remeber, sharing helps others and shows support!

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What were the initial signs / symptoms of ASD experienced?

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I do not remember my early signs and symptoms. I will need to ask my family. I was very young when I was diagnosed.

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