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New to this site if anyone wants to talk about anxiety for example ok thanks 

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So in November 2020 i had a suicide attempt where I had overdosed and had been rushed to the hospital. I made it and was kept under watch for a few weeks. In those weeks I had began to feel like I couldn't die. I started to get urges to try to see if I could die and I had been trying to take my life to prove to myself that I couldn't die. I feel immortal. I know I can feel pain and I know I age but i believe that I cannot die. As my attempts go on in my life the pain starts to disappear. Like my attempt in November with an overdose i was vomiting and i felt terrible but my past attempt in February 2021 for an overdose the worst thing I had felt was a light headache. So after that attempt I had began to completely convince myself that I could not die. Is there something that I can do to stop this? Is there a name for this?

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