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Hello members,

I just wanted to give an update on how things were going with my MS. 

Recently, I got the other ear done with a Daith piercing. So now I have my right inner ear and left inner ear done. Hoping for some good results with both having a Daith piercing, these results being less migraines and less frequent too. The reason I did this was because, I have a friend who I talk to a lot and she has diabetes but has both ears done with a Daith piercing and her results are all good! She only gets headaches but they are very rare and no more migraines! So, I already had my one ear done and thought..why not give it a try with the other too and see where that takes me! :)

So far, I have not had a migraine and just small headaches but not frequent either like before with only one Daith done. Now maybe it is just mind over matter in that case, maybe not.?‍ But I like to think that it is working and hope it continues.

Lastly to finish this update on things; 

I am still on Gileyna 0.5mg I think? And have a telehealth call Monday (tomorrow) with my neurologist to find out from me how that is going and if I have been having flare ups still, which unfortunately yes. I'm not sure they ever just stop..?‍but still have to take part in this telehealth call either way, even if I do not think that it is very proffessional to just talk about things going on with ms over the phone and not be seen. Oh well I guess. 

Anyways, I hope this day finds you well or as well as you can be and feel free to comment or send me a message if you need to know more about the Daith or just to say hi and talk. 


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Daith piercings for MS migraines -

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@Emma2190 Hello Emma2190, thank you for sharing an update on how you're doing! I'm glad to hear that the second Daith piercing is helping so far. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that your telehealth call goes well!

Hello members, if you haven't "met" Emma yet here on Carenity, you can read her testimonial here: MS and the Success and Side-Effects with Various Treatments. In it she tells about her experiences with different treatments for MS, including Daith piercings!

Have you heard of Daith piercings being used to treat MS migraines? Is it something you'd consider? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions with Emma here! emoticon cute

Take care,

Daith piercings for MS migraines -

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@Courtney_J At this point I'd try anything! I think I've seen a few videos and articles in recent years about piercings for migraines, it's good to hear from someone that it truly does work, especially for people with MS!

Daith piercings for MS migraines -

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@looking4‍ So far it seems to. Or could be I am thinking it works so there is the mind over matter reference? Who knows. 🤷‍♀️

I do however hope that it will continue to work minus the flare up head pounding of course. When expierencing a flare up, nothing really helps those pains for me, not even steriod treatments anymore. 😞 I know, just got over a very bad one that seemed to last for weeks and even this time..I dropped to the floor. Almost as if all my mobility just decided to quit. 

Anyway, I'm back at it again now and hoping the flare is over. 


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