Multiple Sclerosis And The Success And Side-Effects With Various Treatments

Published Nov 26, 2018 • By Louise Bollecker

@Emma2190‍, thanks to her courage and strength, shares her story with Multiple Sclerosis since her diagnosis in 2015. She discusses the success and side-effects she has experienced with various treatments, including the Daith piercing, Rebif, and Neurontin.

Multiple Sclerosis And The Success And Side-Effects With Various Treatments

Thank you for participating in this testimonial. Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Emerald, but I prefer to go by Emma for a nickname.

How and when were you diagnosed with MS?

At the end of the year in November of 2015 I was diagnosed with MS. After a 6 day stay In the ER during that time, and undergoing many tests including MRI’s and CT scans, along with a very painful lumbar puncture. Then I had to go see a neurologist a month or so after that and was officially diagnosed with MS by the neurologist.

What type of MS are you diagnosed with?

Relapsing-Remitting MS.

What are the most common symptoms you experience with MS?

Migraines, balance issues, memory issues, nerve pain, bi-polar like mood swings, bowel problems and constant nausea as well even In a car now.

What medications and/or treatments have you and are you trying currently?

Currently I am trying the injection that is done myself 3x a week called Rebif and we will see how that goes for my MS. As for other meds, I constantly have to take a nausea med called Zofran, need to take Vitamin D as well and currently taking Vitamin C and Magnesium which is supposed to be good for my bones and the Vitamin C for immunity, that one does not have when dealing with MS.

Any alternative treatments?

The Daith piercing

What has been your experience with such treatments, specifically the Daith Piercing?

The Daith piercing is something that was researched before getting it done. It’s a piercing that is done on a pressure point in the inner ear that is connected to a Vagus Nerve which controls pain and things like that. It has worked for a lot of people and I can say happily that it has worked for me thus far and I will be getting the other side I do not have done yet, pierced as well since the migraine pain can move and they usually recommend getting the other side done to avoid any further pain. It’s a piercing I would highly recommend, but at the same time it works for some and some it may not. All about if you want to give it a try really.

In one of your posts, you also discussed the medication Neurontin (aka Gabapentin) that you were prescribed for nerve pain; however, despite its effectiveness for that condition you stated you had to go off of it because of harmful side-effects. Can you explain?

Gabapentin also known as Neurontin. It’s effective for a lot of people with nerve pain but for some, myself in this some, it does not come without serious side effects. I was happy that it took away the nerve pain and spasticity in my left leg as well, but not very happy with the blurry vision and feeling like I was out of it all the time, along with becoming really sick from this med. I found myself in the ER getting IV fluids done from being on this med and becoming very sick at the same time. I still think if it works for some then that’s fine if they do not have the harmful side effects, but as for me and my experience, I will not be going on it again.

Are you doing anything else to manage the nerve pain?

I am currently on nothing for the nerve pain, but I have been looking into other meds that may be something I try or a more natural method.

How does your family, loved ones, and friends play into your support?

My fiancé’ of 10 years has been there for me through it all. He gets FMLA from his work because of my condition (MS) and comes home when he can to help take care of our kids with me or even help me when I am going through a bad flare up as they call the MS attacks.

Then there is also other family who try to help but mostly it’s my fiancé’, the father of our daughter and son who is the one who understands everything about me and tries to be there for me in rough times and etc.

Being so young, courageous, and strong, are the any recommendations you would give to those dealing with a chronic or systemic condition at such a young age?

The only recommendations I can give, being that I am 28  and a mother as well is always look into natural methods if possible first before the long list of meds. There is teas and other herbal supplements that help with all sorts of medical problems, MS being one of those. The other recommendation is to never EVER give up no matter how bad it gets or how much of a burden you may feel like to others, never give up. I know how the burden to others feels, as I have been unable to work since 2016 or so and before that, I had problems working then too.

Thank you so much for being so courageous to share a bit of your story. We admire your strength and courage and wish you nothing but positive vibes, good thoughts, and health in your future and on your path to achieving your Business degree!

Thank you for letting me be a part of this community and able to relate as well as inform others on my condition and things they can try etc. As for my Business Degree. I actually did get it already, it came in the mail on a beautiful gold paper and it says “Associate in Science Business Administration.” My hope is that my MS will end up someday being more able to manage so that I may use this degree that I earned from busting my tail since the year of 2014.

Like I mentioned before, never give up and despite a medical condition of any kind, anyone can still reach their dreams or goals in life, even if my degree is on hold for use right now, I still achieved it and that to me makes me very happy and feel accomplished.

Members, please feel free to comment, ask questions, and thank this member for the testimonial.

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Author: Louise Bollecker, Community Manager France

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Lee__R • Community manager
on 11/26/18

Hi members, hope you do not mind me tagging you in this. This is a new testimonial from one of members diagnosed with MS. I think you will find it very beneficial and interesting as she discusses her experience, success, and side-effects with various treatments. One has greatly relieved her migraines!

She also just graduated with Business degree.

Feel free to congratulate her on this accomplishment, ask questions, and comment.

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Lee__R • Community manager
on 11/26/18

@Emma2190‍ 0‍ has also created a discussion on her current status of MS...you can follow it here. 

Unregistered member
on 11/27/18

Is it Emma2190 who wrote a testimonial? Is there a link .. I just ended up in a discussion forum.  

Lee__R • Community manager
on 11/27/18

@LynndMS This is the testimonial above the discussion part... do you see it? Let me know if there are issues.

on 11/27/18

Thank you for tagging me. I had been following @Emma2190‍'s discussion on her update and found this testimonial very helpful. I need to look further into this piercing... seems simple enough to not give it a try.

I agree with the Gabapentin... I have read up on the very harmful side-effects like seizures... 

Have you ever tried acupuncture for the nerve pain @Emma2190‍? I am undergoing this and the doctor also incorporates slight electrical stimulation... it brings some relief.

And congratulations on your degree! That is great to hear!

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