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 I have had various symptoms off and on for years. Severe nerve pain in my feet that almost never goes away. Numb fingers. My left leg ir my arms go numb for no reason. I get migraines almost daily. I go through phases where I get the muscle jerks that mostly affect my left side. It feels like I am get shocked by a cattle prod. I am in such misery.  I'm always tired and feel like my mind isnt right sometimes I'm forgetful or cant think of the word I want. Recently I had an mri of my brain that showed some small areas of hyperintesities in my white matter. I asked the neurologist about ms and she said she thinks its fibromyalgia and referred me to rheumatology.  I'm not sure what to do. It seems like noone has a reason for all this symptoms.  Suggestions please 

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Rrms or fibromyalgia

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WTF!YOU Basically gave a textbook MS symptom check list-get a 2nd opinion-ASAP-take care and hope you can find a good doctor,they can be hard to find anymore,

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