I hate that I have to feel this way


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I’m so tired of feeling scared and guilty all the time for no reason. Everyday I wake up feeling scared and even shaking. I tried to make myself sleep but my mind won’t let me. I just want to feel normal again! It makes me want to go back to self medicating with norco off the street because at least then I was functioning and happy. I didn’t have fear about the day or the future. I think so far in the future it makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t eat. Only got out of bed to take my son to school and I’m having my parents pick him up. I hate myself! I hate that I have to feel this way everyday now for 3 months! My meds obviously aren’t working and I’m tired of starting over and trying more and more. I’m ready to give up. I’m a useless, worthless person taking up space on this earth. I wish I was never born!

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I hate that I have to feel this way

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Hi @Sadgirl84, thanks again for sharing with us. It can be really hard being vulnerable and putting it all out on the table. Have you thought about talking to your doctor about your medication? Maybe there's another option out there that will work better for you.

Can anyone else relate to what Sadgirl84 is feeling? Have you ever felt like your depression consumes everything you do? How do you cope when it all feels like it's too much?

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