DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?

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Hi everyone! New here! I have been doing some research on DMSO  and its ability to assist with pain control and "treat cancer." From the research I have done, it seems DMSO has strong support in health benefits relating back to decades, and its benefits are so great - and since it is natural - that no money is to be made from it.

Also there are clinics and cancer orgs that offer/promote the benfits of DMSO therapy.


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DMSO for pain? Treating Cancer?

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Never heard of it, but did read up on it and it sounds interesting; however, it seems you must be really careful with it because it absorbs everything on your skin into your blood and thus, also can penetrate cancer cells easily. According to the cancer tutor website DMSO’s efficacy is for converting cancer cells into normal cells.

Maybe someone has some personal experience??

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