Sources of comfort during breast cancer treatment

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When going through treatment, patients may often turn to certain sources of comfort to take their minds off their cancer or what they're going through. It may be a TV show or book, a particular activity or ritual, or even a piece of clothing or blanket.

A member living with breast cancer on Carenity France just shared a testimonial with us where she explains how she turned to writing for comfort and to express herself while in treatment for cancer: Breast cancer: "Writing has become indispensable for me!”

What or whom did you turn to for comfort while in treatment for breast cancer? Was there a ritual or habit that helped you? A particular person or activity? Can you share any tips with other members who may currently be in treatment?

Feel free to share with us here!

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Sources of comfort during breast cancer treatment

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Between the pandemic and treatments I've gotten into podcasts, not just for the boredom and sitting around during sessions, but also because sometimes it's all I have the energy to do. Sometimes even keeping my eyes open takes effort, so TV is out. 

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