Struggling with anxiety during a family emergency


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At the moment, it’s honestly hard. I’ve had 2 anxiety attacks within the past hours because my mother is in the hospital with a Heart Attack, and It’s her second time with one and it’s proven More then likely the second one is Fatal /( More likely leads to death:))

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Struggling with anxiety during a family emergency

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Hello @0cvalz‍, I'm sorry to hear about you mom. How is she doing? It can be really hard watching a loved one go through a medical emergency, a lot of times we can forget to take care of ourselves as well.

Has anyone else gone through a family emergency or other crisis with your anxiety? What do you do to keep calm and manage your anxiety? Can you share any experiences or tips?

Feel free to share with us here, we're all here to support one another!

Take care,

Struggling with anxiety during a family emergency

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Well my twin just recently got Covid-19. The only family issue is I have family and I have anxiety. We all actually have different disorders and such, but I have the worst anxiety of us all. I cry it out while singing, or I have the people around me to help as well. 

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