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I was wondering if biologic treatments (Humira, Cosentyx, Stelara, Cimzia, etc) are really patient-friendly. I mean, Humira includes alcohol preps inside their 'kit', which is quite helpful, while the others do not. Also, Humira packaging looks pretty nice, as it has instructions printed on the inside of the box, and mine also included a temperature tracker to make sure that the product was always refrigerated. What are your opinions about this? What is valuable to you inside these packagings, and what seems quite useless (I mean, does anyone even read the whole paper package insert??)

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Making packaging more patient-friendly

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For the price of some of these medications, the packaging should include a tool that gives the treatment for me, as well as a counseling sessions for those who are nervous with doing the treatment.

I have not ever read a whole insert of stelara.

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