Cosentyx? Anyone have good results? Information?

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I am hoping to switch to Cosentyx soon. Currently on Humira, but I still have plaques on my upper arms. So considering to switch to Cosentyx in hopes that the plaques clear up.

I am just curious to hear anyone else's opinions.

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Cosentyx? Anyone have good results? Information?

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Same here! I'm about to start Cosentyx and am very worried about side effects. I would love to hear people's reactions as well. This will be my first experience with a medication that isn't some kind of steroid lotion and I'm really nervous. My psoriasis has almost cleared up on my arms, legs and other places the sun can heal but my scalp and other areas are still pretty bad. Cosentyx is my last hope to clear things up before Winter comes back.

Also curious about people's experiences with this biologic. 

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