Plaque Psoriasis: How Do You Prevent Exacerbation?

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Hello all,

Certain factors, besides a genetic predisposition, may trigger psoriasis , such as an injury to the skin, insufficient or excess sunlight, stress, excessive alcohol, HIV, infections, certain medications, etc.

Do you know what triggered your psoriasis? What is it that you do, treatment wise, to prevent exacerbations?

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Plaque Psoriasis: How Do You Prevent Exacerbation?

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To prevent exacerbation, I do a few things:

1) Use natural soaps, shampoos, and conditioners (no parabens, etc...)

2) Take a shower in water that is more cold than hot 

3) Use a humidifier

4) Meditate

5) Get enough sleep and use hypnosis sleep videos on Youtube

6) Do my best to avoid long time exposure to the sun.

Plaque Psoriasis: How Do You Prevent Exacerbation?

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I do not think I am able to ever prevent completely flares. I have tried to understand best the triggers that cause me to go in flare mode... some of the triggers I have identified are dry weather and cold weather. Another is stress, which is crazy because it is like a "hidden trigger." It is easier said then done to prevent stress.

I try to prevent stress by organizing my day and time to make sure I can prioritize. Additionally, I try not to let things bother me; I am easy to forgive because not doing so only hurts and stresses me out; and I realize saying no sometimes is a must because saying yes just causes me more stress.

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