How do you cope with itching?

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I've noticed recently that I've been having more "itchy" days than others. Some days I can get through the day without a problem, but then on other days, like today, it's is unbearable and I don't know what to do. How do you all cope with itching? At this point I will try everything and anything.

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How do you cope with itching?

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Hello again @Starke, let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you. 

Hi everyone, how are you today? emoticon cute

Do you ever experience itching with your psoriasis? If so, how do you cope with it? Are some days worse than others?

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How do you cope with itching?

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@Starke Oh yeah, I know those days really well. My doctor told me that when it's really bad to keep my showers short and to turn down the water so it's lukewarm and not hot. And then I use a salicylic acid wash to remove some of the scale. Cerave makes a good one that I like. I don't know where your psoriasis is, but make sure to not use a scalp product on the rest of your body, I made that mistake once and it made me flare up, I guess the scalp skin is thicker than the rest of our skin.

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