High blood pressure and psoriasis


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I have psoriasis and have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. My doctor has put me on a beta blocker which made me flare up and then an ACE inhibitor which also made me flare up. I suspect it was the BP meds that made me flare up because I had no psoriasis anywhere from dieting and home remedies until I started the BP meds.  

Can anybody offer any advice? Anybody deal with a similar issue? 

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High blood pressure and psoriasis

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Sounds like something in the medicine that cased a reaction triggering the flare! I wish I had other advice or experience to offer, but I do not have hgh blood pressure, but I do know that beta blockers and ACE inhibitors lowed the blood pressure... 

What did your doctor say when you informed him that you had the flare? I am assuming the doctors treating psoriasis and high blood pressure are different? Do they communicate with each other to make sure your conditions are being appropriately managed? There exists a lot of misccomunications.

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