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Hello members... the evolution and improvement of treatments, therapies, medications, and tests are often attributed to clinical trials. Prostate cancer linical trials may test the benefits of new treatments, the safety of medications, as well as the efficacy of screening and/or risk factors. They give you access to promising approaches to diagnosis, prevention, and care.

Clinical trials are important and the courage of its participants should be recognized and celebrated.

You can discover prostate cancer trials at:,,, and

We would like to begin a discussion and hear from members on their experience with clinical trials... whether you are in the process of starting a clinical trial, have participated in a clinical trial in the past, or are currently participating in one or are considering doing so... we would love to hear your story and experience.


How did you come to discover the clinical trial?

At what point in your diagnosis did you decide to participate or consider participating in the clinical trial?

What were your thoughts/concerns/etc. prior to starting or considering to start the clinical trial?

How has your experience thus far?

Do you have any advice for others or recommendations?

Share your story with others....


Beginning of the discussion - 2/26/19

Share your clinical-trial experience

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Going to recommend this to my friend.

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