Dealing with remorse after having opted to have my prostate removed

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After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016 I had a Gleason score of 8.8. I went to a radiologist for a consultation and was told I would be treated for 9 weeks 5 days a week. I also had a consultation with a urologist and opted to have my prostate removed. Both of my brothers had prostate cancer and had theirs removed.

After surgery I was lucky to not suffer from urinary incontinence and not suffer from ED. About a year after surgery my PSA rose and I decided to go on  hormone therapy Lupron and had to have radiation therapy for 8 weeks 5 days a week. My last psa came up undetectable. I've been told the lupron can skew my psa numbers. Also I now suffer from ED because of the lack of testosterone.

Now I am suffering from buyers remorse because it seems the radiation worked and I'd have a functional prostate if I hadn't had it removed. 

Also the lupron has side effects that make my confidence and really screws with my head. 

This is just how I am feeling at this time.

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Dealing with remorse after having opted to have my prostate removed

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I am new to the group. My husband did the removal and found out the cancer went into the S vessels. He has had 3 different rounds of radiation each after the PSA’s returned. He is going into his third year of hormone therapy.  I understand the mess with you. He get irritated easy!  He got his cancer at 47 and is 57 now. 

I joined this group to help understand what’s next? Or to help others.  His hormone therapy is starting to resist and his PSA is going up now.

Don’t look back on your choice because it will eat you up. Look forward and be optimistic.


Dealing with remorse after having opted to have my prostate removed

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@Bottomlessbob‍  I am sorry to read about your situation. I cannot imagine how frustrating and wrenching that may be. 

I too have had surgeries... that failed... and were never needed because the problem was something else... It is frustrating but @Lovemyman‍ offered excellent advice... and unfortunately - it is not great news - but true news. We cannot dwell on what cannot be changed. I hope you are doing better and finding support here in the community.

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