What Are Some Energy Conservation Techniques You Use To Combat Fatigue?


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Hello members,

With multiple sclerosis, a common symptom is fatigue. As the disease progresses, so can the symptom of fatigue. A manner in which to combat fatigue is using energy conservation techniques, such as

  1. Organization;
  2. Planning ahead;
  3. Breathing techniques: such as Pursed lip breathing
  4. Strengthing inspiratory muscle;
  5. Avoiding stressful activities, etc.

Sharing methods of conserving energy can help others and yourself in combating fatigue.

What are some methods you have used to combat fatigue through conserving energy? How do you implement such method and what benefits have you seen?

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What Are Some Energy Conservation Techniques You Use To Combat Fatigue?

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I think ones ability to fight fatigue depends on their stage and time that has lapsed from diagnosis. 

For me, I definitely always try to plan ahead because if I do not I can become fatigued just from anxiety. I do attempt to avoid stressful activities, heck, I avoid a lot of activities because of MS.

When I do participate in events or social gatherings, even it is at home, or do some odd jobs I can still do from my computer, I take breaks often... basically just listen to my body as best as I can. I also try to eat as healthy as my body allows me to.

I think a lot of fatigue stems from the stress we face from this disease and from the things it affects, such as our economic, social, and physical well-being. 

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