Traveling with MS: Share your tips and advice!

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Hi, next month I have to take a plane to visit family and I'll have to take my injections with me (Copaxone). Somehow I've never had to travel with injectables before so I'm not really sure how to go about it...

Has anyone flown with their meds before? I assume I'll have to have my prescription with me but is there anything else I should do? Normally I keep it in the fridge, how do I keep it cold on the plane?

Thanks for any advice!

Beginning of the discussion - 7/29/21

Traveling with MS: Share your tips and advice!

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Hi @suplkr1‍, thank you for opening this discussion! Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you!

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Have any of you traveled with your MS medications before? Can you share any tips? Is there anything suplkr1 should bring? How did you keep your medicines cold if it was needed? Can you share any other advice about traveling with MS?

Feel free to share with us here! Your experiences and advice are so important! 

Take care,

Traveling with MS: Share your tips and advice!

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I have traveled with my meds,camping, festivals, hotels, and motels.  I've found that you need to keep all of your meds in the original containers. Sometimes, depending where you're going..flying, train, car?? You might play it safe and even have a letter from your doctor explaining the meds. If you have injections you can usually get something from the manufacturer to keep ur meds cool and make it easier to carry.  

      I try to keep mine with me that way there's no chance of them getting lost or someone getting into them/stealing them. 

     Don't take all of your pills, not the whole bottle, in case they do get lost or stolen. 

If you call shared solutions and see if they will send you a travel case. They have all kinds of prom stuff.  They sent me a hard case for mine. It has a spot to put the RX name sticker. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THAT ON THE CONTAINER!! 

Traveling with MS: Share your tips and advice!

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@suplkr1 I have traveled with my MS medication, I just keep it in it's original containers/bottles, and keep it out of direct sunlight. It really doesn't make my travels any different, as long as I remember to take my medication!

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