No diagnosis but think I’m getting worse, husband thinks I’m crazy

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im sorry to vent.

I am a 36 year old female in Louisiana. I am currently in the process of an Eval for possible MS. Most of the neuros I see have dismissed my symptoms as “in my head”, mostly because they see that I’m on antidepressants (in my opinion).
I have had “nonspecific white matter hyperintensities” on my brain mri all seeming to be in the MS distribution. I have memory loss, numbness and tingling, weakness, TERRIBLE fatigue, trouble with emptying my bladder and recently some loss of urine control, foggy brain and Trouble finding words, muscle jerking on and off more recently. Also trouble writing clearly. I always feel like I’m having a tremor but although it shows in my left hand sometimes, not otherwise noticeable. And most of all I get what I think is the “MS hug” it’s a TERRIBLE squeezing around my rib/abdomen area that makes me have trouble breathing. All Stomach testing was negative. I’ve had a negative LP so mostly they just think it’s normal age related MRI changes but I am only 36 with no hx of high bp, high cholesterol, or diabetes. One neuro said that since I’ve had 2 headaches that seemed to start as stabbing in my eye,it must be migraines. No other hx of headaches. Also have always had occipital neuralgia since I was a child where I get a pain in the back of my head that wraps up and over my head like a shock. Happens rarely. 

Can you help me determine if this is all in my head??? He also said my ankle reflexes were decreased and my sensation. Started me on b12, b1 and Vit d even though all were mainly normal. I’m just desperate for any help

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No diagnosis but think I’m getting worse, husband thinks I’m crazy

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@Sillysarah8466 hello... I noticed you have not received a reply. Your symptoms to me do not sound like it is all in your head. I know it has been some months since your post, but I am wondering if you have any updated news?

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