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I just got diagnosed with MS this week and I'm scheduled to meet with the neurologist on Friday to choose a medication to start. This isn't exactly new to me as my husband also has MS and has for over 5 years so I have an idea of what may come. However, we were trying to have a child but all the medications I've seen say not to use if pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I don't know what to do. I don't want to give up my dream of having a child but I also don't want to chance the MS progressing. (I adopted my husband's son and I love him like my own but I've always wanted to feel my child growing inside me and raising a child from day 1.)

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MS and pregnancy

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@JuJuBsMommy Hello JujuBsMommy, thank you for opening this discussion. Let me tag some other members who may be able to share their experiences with you.

Hi everyone, how are you today? Have you gone through pregnancy while having MS? Can you share your experience with us? Did the MS affect your pregnancy or vice versa? Did you have to change your medications?

Feel free to share your experiences, advice, or questions here!

Take care,

MS and pregnancy

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@JuJuBsMommy Hi JuJuBsMommy, I see this is a bit late, but I thought I'd comment anyway.

I was diagnosed long after my pregnancies, but as a mother I can definitely understand the fear you must be feeling. I've heard from others in the various MS groups I'm in that MS doesn't change much about your pregnancy, you will probably just have more prenatal appointments and more monitoring than the average mommy-to-be. I even have a few friends that felt like they had fewer MS symptoms during pregnancy. As for the medicines, I'm sure there are many that aren't safe for pregnancy, but on the other hand there must be others that are safe.

What did your appointment go? Keep your chin up, you can do this! 

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