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Im ((57) not sure how to react anymore. My wife (44) blames her MS on me and has told me she “HATES “ me. I do everything I can to help make her life better and not only do I not get any appreciation or acknowledgement which is hard to put up with after awhile but she always tells the family that she is in constant pain and know one understands how bad it is but she can be sitting there and “snap” and start yelling at everyone and tops it off by saying it was better when she left it, like a clean kitchen for example, which is untrue. She hasn’t done it herself for months. She can say bad things to everyone but if you reply, even if you are correct she will hold that against you forgetting she just said horrible things to you. 

ultimately, what does the long term look like?  Will I be badgered by her our entire life together unable to reply knowing it will only make it worse?  Will her hate ever change to a positive emotion?

she tells me she wants a divorce but I know that know one will help her and our family better than me. 

please advise 

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I’m the spouse and I don’t know what to do...

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Hi XTrucker, 

I may be just 21 and no love expert but coming from a fellow woman in constant pain, my husband practices patience and just bares with me. He holds my hand, lets me talk, asks me about what when where and how I feel looks me in my eyes when i speak and expresses that he not only understands how frustrating it can be to go through this but he reassures me he is beside me in this awful time even if and when I am being totally ridiculous. He gave me some time pretty much "killing me with kindness" until I was unable to treat him so unfairly.. we are fairly happy and I no longer or try not to take out all these emotions on him and just appreciate his presence while I'm hurting. Love, patience, understanding, support, reassurance and also reminding her that you are also human with feelings and she hurts them when pushing you out are all things that will heal your strained marriage and its all a work in progress but you will get to a much much better place I can promise you that. I am one stubborn, cranky, tired, depressed and passive aggressive woman. If this all works on me I believe your wife also when given those things with time will get better emotionally unfortunately this is just all part of the journey. I hope you and wife see better days soon ! God bless.