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Hello all...

I have been away from the forums for a while and have not been working due to the condition.... I would like to know how any of you stay busy when no longer working anymore.

Looking for some recommendations as to what you do all day because I get bored!

Thank you.

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How to stay busy with MS

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I will be dreading that day, even though I do not enjoy my job. I do not mean to go off topic because I am also looking for advice on what to do at home with MS to not get bored, but @padres44‍ how did you deal with when it became time for you to really slow down and not work? What type of feelings and emotions did you go through and how did you deal with it?

How to stay busy with MS

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It was a mental struggle more than anything and coming to acceptance of what life had dealt me. and to try and make the best of what I still had going. I have found other things to occupy my time, but not working leaves a lot of more time open, which is why I created this question.

When I realized it was time for me to start making plans to stop working, I did so about a year in advance and gave myself almost a year to push through and get everything settled I need to get settled before retiring. I was lucky to have some good saving and 401-K. The emotions I experienced were more upset and disappointing because I was stopping working out of necessity, not need.

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