GF was recently diagnosed. How can I help?

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Hello all, My girlfriend was diagnosed with MS about 3 months ago. She is having a difficult time, as everyone is in a complete and utter shock and worry.

I joined this site in hopes to learn things that I can to help her, support her, and do whatever it takes to get her through this.

I know she is scared but is trying to stay strong.

I am open to any help from any person who is diagnosed with MS or is a family/friend/caregiver of someone with MS. She is 35 years young.

Thank you in advance!

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GF was recently diagnosed. How can I help?

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@lester198‍ ,

I would recommend you stay on top of caring for yourself because you need to be strong mentally for her and that means taking care of yourself; you have to. It is not selfish. 

I admire you for wanting to be there for her through it all!

What stage is she in? Is she in relapse? Have you learned about all of that? If you are still confused about MS, I would recommend you reading up on it and even talking to her MD or attending her appointments with her!

GF was recently diagnosed. How can I help?

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I second what @MS_283‍ stated about reaching out to her MD. I would just make sure if you are going to ask anything directly related to the health of your girlfriend, you obtain her consent first or the MD may be limited in what he or she can explain.

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