Diets: OMS/Swank (Low Saturated Fat) vs. Wahls (Paleo)

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Hello Carenity members,

From reading articles about MS, I have seen that there are two diets that are in the forefront for having beneficial effects for those with MS.

1) OMS Diet (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) with the most important research being done by Professor Roy Swank. The research shows a meaningful connection between saturated fats and the development and progression of Multiple Sclerosis. The OMS diet focuses on, and evidence conducted by Professor Swank shows that, a diet free from saturated fats (or very low amount), but one with unsaturated fats, have reduced the progressions of MS. 

Saturated fats tend to be those in dairy and meat, so those types of foods are avoided or consumed in very low amounts in this diet.

2) Walhs Diet (Paleo) was created from physician, Dr. Terry Walhs, who was diagnosed with MS and was wheelchair bound. Dr. Walhs, through incorporation of the Walhs diet, was able to walk again and get back to her life. The diet is focused on eating what was able to be hunted and gathered before all of this technology and industry came along, making food packable and filled with additives. The diet consists eating organic food, eliminating high starchy foods, eating vegetables, Omega 3 rich food (seafood), and organ meats, consuming Co-enzyme Q10 and other antioxidants

I think this can be a great forum: 

1) If you have tried or known someone with MS who has tried either of these diets, can you discuss the effects/results: positive or negative.

2) Did make any modifications to the diet that were beneficially?

3) Would you recommend the diet plan to someone else who had MS?

4) What was the hardest thing about sticking to the diet plan?

If you have not tried either of these two diet plans, have you tried any other diet plan? If so, please discuss.


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Diets: OMS/Swank (Low Saturated Fat) vs. Wahls (Paleo)

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Following this discussion. 

I have purchased Dr. Wahl's book and am looking forward to beginning the diet. 

Diets: OMS/Swank (Low Saturated Fat) vs. Wahls (Paleo)

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I have followed the OMS diet for approximately 2 years and have gained a substantial improvement in my eyesight, lost about 20 lbs, and feel that I have more energy. The OMS diet focuses on NO saturated fats, but you DO eat healthy fats: unsaturated fats. I would definitely recommend anyone with MS to try the OMS diet.

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