Can I take Ivermectin with my autoimmune disease?

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Can I get Ivermecton?

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Can I take Ivermectin with my autoimmune disease?

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Hello @Debba720‍, thank you for your question.

I don't know if you are talking about ivermectin to be used for multiple sclerosis or for COVID-19.

Ivermectin is an antiparasitic, i.e. a drug that fights certain infections caused by parasites.

Ivermectin has no effect in multiple sclerosis.

It has been studied to some extent in COVID-19 (which is not caused by a parasite, but by a virus). The possible effect of ivermectin in COVID-19 seems to be very modest, but unfortunately there are too few studies to be able to draw conclusions. In the absence of more solid studies, ivermectin should not be considered as a solution to treat or prevent COVID-19.

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