Are there any new developments in medications and treatments for fibromyalgia?

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I have all the diseases that I mentioned under "topic."  I get confused as to what is causing which symptom and how to treat my symptoms.  I take Humira for the Crohn's disease, nothing now for fibromyalgia, and nothing for interstitial cystitis.  My Crohn's was under pretty good control, eventually, and then I developed inflammation in the eyes. That's what I was put on the Humira for and it was truly a miracle drug for me. It took the inflammation  completely out of my eyes, and it also cleared up the bowel issues.  

I've been having UTI's lately related to gastritis for taking NSAIDS for pain caused by the fibro.  Have they found anything yet that is successful with fibromyalgia, or anything new.  I've tried a couple medicines for that, which helped, but had to discontinue them because they didn't go well with some another medicine I had to take.  I had to quit taking Elmiron due to the high price and am glad I did, since it's related to macular degeneration of the eyes.

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Are there any new developments in medications and treatments for fibromyalgia?

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Hi @Netflix‍,

I'm glad to hear that the treatment for your Crohn's disease is working well. As for fibromyalgia, it is a disease whose causes are not clear and are difficult to treat. Useful medications address the possible symptoms exist, such as pain medications, medications for sleep disorders, etc. But the most effective treatment is regular physical activity, which reduces pain and improves quality of life.

This can include swimming, walking, martial arts, etc. Physical activity must be adapted to the patient's condition. A good way to resume an adapted and progressive physical activity is to contact a specialized sports educator and/or a physical therapist.

Finally, relaxation techniques, such as yoga and sophrology, have shown to improve the health of patients with fibromyalgia to some extent.

Have a nice day!

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