Baking soda to help treat lupus? Any experience?

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Has anyone tried baking soda to treat their lupus? I have been reading up on it and it seems to really help by alkalizing the PH and helping with the digestion tract by telling the spleen to not create an inflammatory response.

If you are taking it, what is your success? How often and how much do you take?

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Baking soda to help treat lupus? Any experience?

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Actually, that makes a lot of sense. I use baking soda when I have a stomach ache. A tea spoon in a chamomile tea helps with acidity and gastritis pain. I am just concerned about taking it daily because the gastric acid is necessary to disintegrate food in our stomach. When the food is not well disintegrated, it can’t be well absorbed and it may cause digestive problems.

What I think that helps to alkaline the body is to avoid acid food. I used to have the alkaline-acid guide. I’ll get it again and share!

 I hope this helps!

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