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I want to share my experience here. On new year's Eve, I received a message from my primary care doctor that my HIV screening result came back positive. It was a shock for me and although he had mentioned don't panic and it should be confirmed by other tests I was absolutely confused and scared. It was a 4th generation antibody-antigen test that is claimed to be very accurate. It was X-mas Eve and I didn't have access to any medical expert and I had to wait three days to talk with an expert. I rushed to a pharmacy and bought OraQuick HIV rapid test. The result was negative. I had donated blood a few months back! But I was still scared. Finally, I got hold of my PM and another expert and I took more confirmatory tests like another antibody/antigen blood test and more importantly Viral load test. All negative. I learned these false-positive results could happen due to prior infections or maybe in my case COVID and flu shots. I hope this message helps someone in the future.

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I am AIDS positive and I have been positive for 26 years. And I was diagnosed on Valentine day 1996,But God I am still here

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